Midi in from Numerology VST into Pyramid - cool!

I have the numerology VST sequencer, i used it numerous :grinning::grinning:times over the years before the pyramid came along

I just worked out how i could bring up the pyramid as a USB midi device in Ableton and basically record the midi coming out of the numerology VST into the pyramid. I then save that midi on my pyramid in the project i am in…happy days.

Obviously this works for any midi being pumped into the Pyramid and most users would already know this, I am still beginning hopefully this might help someone else out

when i first got the pyramid i was basically going the long way around this by saving the midi onto my little SD card on the computer and then taking it out then load it into the pyramid. This new way of doing it is ten times faster.

Learning something new each day, awesome machine!!

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Hi Leighbeater,

I am also very interested to sequence VSTs from Ableton.
HOW did you “bring up the pyramid as a USB midi device in Ableton”?
In Live’s MIDI preferences, I don’t see the Squarp Pyramid listed as a control surface, only as input and output.

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it will have been used as I/O not a control surface.

but you don’t need it as a control surface to sequence VSTs,
(or in the case of the OP he was sending mid from ableton to pyramid)


hi there

@thetechnobear is totally right
I sometimes find it easier and faster to come up with sequences from Numerology so I send midi into Pyramid record/save them and can turn off computer if I wish to use on my hardware synths

As for sequencing VST synths
For the Midi Port (Ableton Midi Preferences) I have Input Pyramid Midi USB track and remote clicked on

In Ableton you should see
midi from Pyramid like below, set up your midi channels for your different instruments, set up your USB midi channels on Pyramid and your right to go

50 am

Let us know if you have trouble

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