MIDI help T8 and M8 midi solutions

I need help with setting up my pyramid with a midi solution t8 and m8, along with a prophet 6, ob6, sub37 and a tempest. What settings do I need to set the synths to? Please help. I need a step by step guide. Thanks

Lots of different ways you can configure that rig. Nice gear!

The awesome bit about MIDI is that it can be very personal to how you want to relate to creating or playing music. And there is no “right way” to configure your system that works for everyone.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • which device will be master clock
  • gear with onboard sequencing: will it be controlled externally or running parallel sequences
  • what gear do you want to interface with in creation and/or in performance
  • lots more things to consider, actually

Then collect your manuals and review the settings required (channels, salient cc’s, etc) and compare this info with the settings on the Pyramid.

Suggestion would be to start with one or two devices. Also, making a flowchart for data and audio for your rig is extremely helpful, esp noting any MIDI channels, etc.

How exciting! Enjoy this discovery time! Every piece of knowledge you gain during this set up period will be massively valuable when you have to troubleshoot! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the response.

I would like the pyramid to be the master.
Sequencing will be controlled externally.
I would like all gear to be part of the creation process using the pyramid’s live mode.

Anything other information that’ll be helpful to get me going?

I’ve already tried just one synth to see if I get live mode to work, but at this point, ive been unsuccessful.


The first step is to find out/select the midi channel. You should check the manuals of your synths, how it works on the specific synth. For example: Prophet 6, page 11 of the manual, Global Settings - Globals - Top Row - 2. MIDI Channel. You should do it for all your devices, select different midi channels for each of them.

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