MIDI FX settings per pattern?

So, to cut right to it - let’s say I have a synth on track 1 I’m controlling. Got a nice melody going on pattern 1, have the ARP midi effect on, and I’d like to just make a tiny variation of that ARP for pattern 2 (on the same track). Is there some way I can give the arp midi effect a permanent new setting for pattern 2 without parameter-locking or automating it (let’s say change it from random mode to up/down, for instance)? Let’s say I have a 4 bar loop, for instance, I could always p-lock all the steps or automate over the four bars, but is there a simpler/quicker way to change the midi fx settings for the entire pattern?

I guess I could just use different tracks, and I might end up doing that, but having different midi fx settings per pattern would be ace, and would pretty much make the creation of slight variations of patterns such a breeze. :slight_smile:

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there isn’t any way, automation or separate track is the solution.


Ok, good to know. cheers!


I got my second-hand pyramid over 2 weeks ago and loving the agreeable work flow and the variations the fx and polyrhythm. I am using it to sequence my DT and Waldorf rocket. I was curious and I may have missed it but couldn’t figure out if it is possible to p-lock per note (step sequencer) or is it only possible via automation of the FX units?
Thank you

What parameter did you want to “lock”?

I want to apply the parameters available in the DT to the notes I am triggering from the Pyramid.

Im sorry for got to say…thank you for responding.

Okay ,here’s a step by step:

  • Determine which MIDI CC you need to send to affect the DT Parameters
  • Enter that info on the Pyramid in Step Mode

easy peasy!

ETA: Pyramid Manual - Step Mode - CC messages Stepmode
(Sometimes the links go right to the correct anchor, and sometimes you have to scroll, but look for the “CC messages Stepmode”)


I feel stupid…Yes, there is a CC option on the second page…( read before asking: note to self)

The confusion makes sense.
No worries.

Sometimes we think in larger concepts and the mechanics of getting there escapes us.

I do that “stuff” all - the - time !!!


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Its mind warping btn remembering elektron workflow and Pyramid but I am loving Pyramid…straight forward so far…

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