Midi files re-import issues after export from DAW

Good evening.

I’m experiencing serious midi import issues.

I’m importing midi files of a Pyramid project with multiple tracks containing multiple patterns in Cubase 11.
The patterns of the track are nicely splitted in multiple cubase cues (but without the right midi channel). Cues names then look like : " PYRAMID TR14 P01 MFB" and then other pattern : “PYRAMID TR14 P02 MFB”… etc … (they all have different lenghts)

I modify my beats in the DAW.
I want to re-import the sequences in the Pyra (with the card) in the exact same configuration :
the project is then completely broken (Memory is at 50%) :

1 - the various loop locators lenghts of the patterns are gone. A 1 bar pattern will stop and will wait for the end of the longest.
2 - the pattern order is disrupted and a ghost pattern is appearing. If I have 10 patterns in my track, I import the 10 in cubase. I re export. I have then 11 in the pyramid, in a weird order. the number 1 is then at the end
3 - the sequences order and organisation is gone (of course because the patterns numbers or names aren’t respected)

The lack of edition possibilities of this sequencer could be replaced by a valid midi import / export system that works. But even that doesn’t work.

There is also no way to edit, export or import only a pattern of a specific track, and to export it separately.

There are no instructions about midi resolution.

? Or do I miss something…

midi import/export - I think this is always going to be limited…
the issue is partly the pyramid uses these midi files as its native storage for the project, and so, it can only have one ‘format’ , so it cannot be tailored to what different daws might want for type 1 midi.
also they have removed a lot of the headers/meta data thats not used - which I suspect is where most daws start tripping up.

also frankly, when I played with this last - I found that handling of type 1 midi files across daws was not very consistent… e.g. the Squarp midi files would work fine on some daws (Bitwig iirc), and have quirks on others.
you’ll find other posts on this forum if you would like details. e.g. I found on some daws changing some export options helped, or I had to 'workaround issues.
after my feedback they did make some changes which definitely helped with some daws - but I don’t think I tried all the daws again.

but overall, I ended up pretty much not bothering… it was a bit too much effort for the results for anything other than simpler projects.
(also a lot of information about how the pyramid is going to play the ‘midi file’ is stored in the project file, so its not really a 1-1 mapping anyway)

anyway, issues (and feature requests) like this are best sent to Squarp via the contact forum
as well as details of the problem , you can supply them with the midi files before editing, and after… and they can determine what might be happening.
(Im not sure they have access to cubase, so these files might help them)

from the spec sheet

  • Recording resolution: 96ppqn

when I export a midi file at 96ppqn, it doesn’t work in the pyramid. I would suggest something like 430 (cubase goes to 960). then the pyra makes its cut (I guess)

… About the midi dialog between a DAW :

The only way to re-import a midi files performed or written in a DAW, is to make it separately : to export from the DAW one individual pattern in a unused blank Track (if you forget the order problems and looping bugs that it could create…)… and then to copy paste the pattern from a track to an other… …


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