MIDI exclusively over USB - setup questions

Hi! I just finally bought a used Pyramid mk2 after thinking about it for the last few months (it always takes me so long to ‘pull the trigger’ on buying new gear). As I wait for it to be shipped, I wanted to make sure that I have everything I need to connect the Pyramid to my other gear.

I’ve been using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z as my sequencer, but due to limitations of that device, I’ve been using my laptop for all midi routing/filtering. My current setup has all devices plugged into a single powered USB hub, and that hub connects to my laptop. My laptop runs MIDI-OX for filtering/routing.

The other hardware is: OP-Z, Arturia Microfreak, Modal Skulpt, Korg NTS-1, Arturia Keystep 37

I am pretty sure I should be able to add the Pyramid into the same USB hub and continue as I have been operating… all midi routed via USB through my laptop. I’m hoping this will continue to allow me to record/hear notes played either on the Keystep (set to the channel of the synths), the Pyramid (set to the channel of the synths), or from the synths’ keyboards. First, do you see any potential issues with this setup?

Ideally I’d like to move away from my laptop being involved at all, but continue to rely on midi over USB. I don’t have a desire to get into older gear that would lack USB midi, so I’m trying to avoid needing to buy a bunch of midi-thru / midi-splitter devices (similar to the way someone like Mr. Tuna has his Pyramid setup).

I haven’t found much information from Pyramid users that use exclusively MIDI over USB. Does anyone here use that setup? Are there limitations that I should be aware of before buying a USB MIDI host w/ filtering (something like the Blokas Midihub or Bomebox)? Is there another USB MIDI host device that pairs well with the Pyramid?


Beware, the Midihub is NOT an USB host!
Besides Bome, IConnectivity Mio are pretty popular here for that purpose. For an USB only setup, there are more probably more lightweight (including price) options available. An extra perk with the Mio (XL at least) is that it supplies power too so you don’t necessarily need a separate hub for that.


Oh man, thanks for pointing this out! I don’t know how I missed that… I was leaning toward buying that one too, because their interface for setting up midi rules looks excellent.

If anyone has suggestions of other (non-raspberry pi) host devices below the price of the Bome/Mio but that still offer filtering options, please let me know.

I’ve an iConnectivity mioXM which Ive found to be an excellent router/filter

I don’t have experience in this but it does provide USB host and at least some filtering capabilities: RK006: Portable MIDI/Gate Master Hub / Standalone Host / Multiclock

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Just to round out the experiences, I use a BomeBox with the Pyramid (and other devices) connected via USB Hub, in addition to a USB MIDI Interface.

In one configuration it runs without the laptop.
In another, it connects the laptop in series just before the BomeBox, flips the BomeBox to mere router/thru duties, and allows the laptop to function as tester/setup for the MIDI Translator Pro files, or to use Ableton and VST’s to be able to practice or program the Pyramid away from the studio (read: on the dining room table so I can keep an eye on the dogs).

Changeup is as simple as folding up the laptop and carrying it and the Pyramid upstairs with any other devices I want to use (usually just the Rample, a Minitaur, and my “electric guitar” (aka rompler + effect pedals) upstairs, quick plugin/wireup, don the headphones, make sure the dogs are comfy, and…get frustrated because I forgot something. :wink:

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