Midi Delay Algo?

I am new to the Squarp world with the Hapax, but I have been using hardware sequencers for a LONG time. One of the things I have some nice nostalgia goggles for is the Midi Delay effect on my RM1-x:

It looks like the pyramid has something similar? Would love to see this implemented in Hapax land!


i didn’t notice that Delay isn’t a dedicated FX on this (it definitely is on Pyramid, and works great). not sure why Squarp would get rid of it, if so


I got the RS7000 & I like it’s harmony MIDI FX better then the pyramid’s because it goes -/+ 99 semitones (plus it has an Octave & unison) vs the Pyramid’s -/+ 24 semitones.

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I am betting it was just a feature vs. time issue. Hope to see it in a future update for sure