Midi controls (cc’s) from the front panel (encoders & X/Y pad)

With the X/Y pad and 5 encoders is there any way to have them send different midi cc messages on each track? Seems like this is a global setting that applies across all tracks. Would be awesome to have different cc messages on the control surface per track.

Also with the step mode cc patterns, would be great to see the ability to add the X/Y pad to transpose the midi cc values in a pattern up/down and left/right for the current step cc you are viewing. Would be an awesome performance control to move them all as a pattern set.

For your first question, you have to change the parameter Assign Type in the Misc section.
From the manual :

PER TRACK = each track will have its own set of assignations, assignations depends on the current track.
PER PROJECT = only one set of assignations, changing the current track will not change the assignations."

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Thank you, that’s exactly what I was wanting!

For the second one, I’m not sure to really understand what you need, but take a look in the manual in the “Step Mode” section, and then, the “08 CC messages Stepmode” part.
Not sure but the “Draw automation” there could be what you need.