Midi connections

So I have a pyramid. Midi-a is going out to a midi splitter which goes to 2 volcas, a monologue, neutron, and mininova. All of the devices along with a keystep are sending their midi out through a merger and back into my pyramid. I am wanting to use the key step to play everything. But I would like to also be able to change parameters(filter settings, etc…) on each individual device and have that recorded by the pyramid. Is there a way to make it so that the keystep is the only keys that will cause another device to sound? Right now if i press a button on the mininova, it plays a sound from the mininova as well as a sound from whatever device is associated with the current track on my pyramid. I don’t want the mininova keys to sound for anything except the mininova.

So I tried setting Omni mode to a channel not in use and set my keystep to that channel. This works for stopping other keys from sounding on the active track, however it will not record cc messages this way…

I guess the way to achieve this is, on each synth, to find the ”local off" setting (if there is one).