Midi Compressor FX / Adjusting Note Velocities

I browsed around the Pyramid’s FX and didn’t see a good way to do a midi compress of velocities.

In simplest form, I’d just like to bring in a shelf for lowest and highest velocity to handle a few outliers in a fairly long and complex pattern.

Is it possible to do this another way without going through each note manually?


yes +1!

I tried to do the same thing and I didn’t find a solution either!

it’s the only classic “modifier” that seems to be missing from the Pyramid FXs…

it is surprising…
for example, there is an FX “equalizer” that I hadn’t seen on any other sequencer (cool FX btw) but this would be even more useful
a “compressor/limiter” FX
for velocity (and pitch!) with a minimum and maximum value

(also very useful in combination with other FXs)


You can do it destructively when editing all notes at once, and even then, you are not bringing the velocity “ceiling” of the notes down. when multi-editing notes you add or remove values from all velocities equaly, effectively adjusting the “floor” instead.

I agree that a dynamic velocity “compressor” Midi FX would be at least ( if not more ) as useful as the current EQ Midi FX. In the old forum, I had a long list of interesting Midi FX that could be added to what the Pyramid can do.

You can also have a Sidechain Midi FX, which is really a Midi CC envelope. input is a stream of notes and velocities, and output is CC controlling the volume level of another synth. But you need an attack and decay parameter, because the input is a gate, not an audio signal.


Yes, I remember! :slight_smile:
(your sidechain FX is a really great idea too!)

but I must admit that with this “compressor FX” and

Euclid as an FX (I plan to make a separate topic on this subject, because it seems to be like this on the Hermod, and I think this could be a way to have something more powerful on PyraOS and maybe to gain some extra memory by replacing the current euclid submode…)

I would have everything I need in the FX section…


Too bad there’s no way to contribute community FX plugins. I’m sure there are many neat ideas out there, and more than a few coders in the Pyramid world!

But yeah having some FX way to fix velocities seems like it should be part of the standard package.

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This would be a huge help for me as well! Especially if we could quantize velocity to some value, and modify that value through cc automation / LFO. Is there a feature request protocol here? I think I saw a V3 requests sub forum?

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+1, big time!

this really seems so basic and obviously missing. we need velocity scaling (percentage of original performance) as well as max/min velocity settings to fix outlier notes.

Came on here to request this exact feature and found this thread. Did this ever get addressed? Would be such a helpful addition!

This is a very old thread.
Usually, Feature Requests should go directly to Squarp via their contact page, but Feature Requests for Pyramid are ‘closed’ according to that page.

Keep in mind, tho: The Pyramid is a mature product and I’m under the impression the hardware is is pretty much at its limit for features - but I have no direct knowledge or insight into this.

Other options might be:

  • I haven’t tested the ‘best’ way to utilise it, but perhaps the MIDI EQ Effect might be useful for your use.
  • You can modulate all your data coming out of the Pyramid if you route through an event processor. (Although I don’t compress my velocities, I modulate mine +/- based on a separate MIDI CC control)
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