Midi Channel Priority

Does anyone know whether Pyramid prioritises midi channels? In the old days I think there was a convention that drums were on channel 10, and that channel was given priority followed by channel 1, channel 2, and so on. I believe that Roland followed this convention and it might even have been industry standard. What does Pyramid do? I’m running about 16 hardware devices and I want to make sure my drum machine gets priority. Obviously I could probably dedicate Channel B to just drums but I don’t really want to do that unless I have to.

so i believe they are sent in numerical order but i don’t totally remember. That said, we could rig an experiment, well you could and tell us - check this out:

get like midi monitor, set it to listen to all buses and probably silence clock pulses

route channel a from the pyramid to it.

program a single note at 0th position for each of the 16 channels one on 16 different tracks

press play and watch the output in midi monitor, there’s your answer.

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i sequenced my RD-9 on Ch. 10 with Pyramid and never noticed anything unusual in the midi routing out to any of the other 15 midi tracks

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