Midi channel and Track mode

Hi… I’m slowly going through my Live idea of a workflow and trying to figure out how to use tracks and midi channels to eventually form sequences. I’ll also use Step mode eventually but for now I’m happy to be able and record live loops!


So if I’ve assigned a different synth to each midi channel, when I record Live, I select my synth from Tracks to form a pattern bank, and the Track is made up of the different recorded midi files in that bank, correct? And when I get to Sequence mode I can have up to 4 Track/banks of patterns per midi channel that I can chain to form Sequences, correct? In other words 4 patterns per bank per channel, X 16 midi channels X 16 Sequences? I know I’m probably off on something, so any affirmation and/or correction is appreciated as this is all very very new to me! Thanks

hey !

I do use the pyramid for live performance.
To clarify, on each track you have 32 pattern slots (if you enable pattern (PTRN) in the track option)
In sequence mode, you “only” have 32 slots
A sequence is an arrangement of the states of each tracks
example : on the first sequence slot, you can choose to have track 1 in unmute state, playing pattern 4 (of his own patterns slots) track 2 mute, track 3 unmute, and which plays pattern 1 (of his own pattern slots etc) then you move to sequence 2 and choose a different arrangement for that sequence slot

The thing that is the most limiting (in my experience) is the number of sequences (32)
Some people also claim here to have reach the number of events limit per project but I have not, because I do not sequence many synth and do not use a lot of CC

on a side note, you do have many tracks in the pyramid (you mentioned the 4 banks) so you can use this to your advantage in a live performance. For example, my track 1 sequence my kick drum, and my track 2 also sequence my kick drum, but using more “break” pattern (not 4x4 pattern, which are dedicated to track 1) that way I can easily do breaks and fills by muting track 1 and unmuting track2, or playing the 2 together etc

I also assigned 2 encoders to the cutoff of a rack synth

Also, you have to be careful with that rec button when working in sequence mode, if it’s lit, then all you do is recorded in the sequence slot, if it’s unlit, it’s not recorded. be sure to test your sequence, going from 1 to another to be sure they are saved correctly. Also save your project regularly in case you do something wrong (or in case the pyramid do something wrong)

Do not hesitate if you have questions :slight_smile: I do love the pyramid for working my live