Midi CC track with possibility to move a pot via synth

I can explain: after you write a CC message like a Cutoff on Piramid its impossible to move Cutoff on the synth itself because every beginning of clip it resets on write value…
So, I think is better if this CC track can be moved in percentage up and down as I move cutoff on synth…

Say me what do you think or if you have better solution…
Stay safe

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Super easy to do with external event processors, tho.

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Ugh. I responded too soon.
Other than event processors, it might also depend on the synth.
I know I do something similar to what you want to achieve with Volume on synths that don’t respond natively to CC11: I set the Max Volume with CC07 via the Pyramid, but if I want to modulate the volume (for a crescendo, perhaps) then I send a different CC and route that to the internal voice volume which occurs in the synth parameter chain before the volume bit that is affected by CC07 (so, there’s the volume of an oscillator going into the internal chain, and the final volume/amplifer on the tail end of the chain - I use the Pyramid on the tail end volume, and modulate a CC that affects the individual oscillator volume. Also, since I tend towards digital synths, it’s designed to accept a single CC routed to multiple parameters in varying degrees, even inverse)

I’m trying to think of how to do that with Filter Cutoff on the synths I have, but honestly I do the thing you are asking in my rig, but with an event processor (because I’m an MTPro whore).

Your mileage may vary