Midi Cc definition repository

Hi all,

I recently come across this repository that provide Cc definition for MIDI devices: https://midi.user.camp/
It is host on Github and they accept user contribution.

At the moment they host 51 devices but I’m hoping they will grow to a larger size

You can also export their definitions directly to Pyramid’s format.


Sadly the export functionality doesn’t account for the 8 character limitation on Pyramid, so the exported files are likely quite unusable without heavy editing. For example, compare https://midi.user.camp/d/waldorf/blofeld/def.txt with the manually crafted one: Waldorf Blofeld Definition File.

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I tweaked the exporter to try to cut down the length of the parameter names that get generated.

Sorry to necro an ancient thread, just stumbled across this. And in the past few years we have added a whopping 18 more devices :rofl: