Microtonal midi files (pitch bent data)

Hey, not having one Pyramid, but thinking of getting one -
two questions popped into my mind:
1.) will the Pyramid accept the import of pitch bent midi notes (as in microtonal scales)?
2.) if inserting an hpi ( https://hpi.zentral.zone/tbx2 ) between the midi In an OUT - will the Pyramid accept those retuning flawlessly?

Do I expressed myself wrong? Maybe my question isn´t all clear?

I don’t imagine there would be an issue with adding the microtonal device before your midi comes in, and thus gets recorded as the midi note information your record, or leaving the pyramid on either of the midi busses, there is no conceivable issue with applying the microtonal box to your midi output.

It’s possible that midi resolution isn’t fine enough to really get in between the pitches in theory, but if there is a midi device which can receive that data, and also send it, then I imagine it’s just a matter of producing the data, and recording it. Or at the very least converting it once it leaves the pyramid.

For in and out functions, I would look closely at the transmission of clocks. This could be a problem. Whenever a device is connected both in and out of a master clock there can (and almost always are) midi looping problems.

For the best possible results, I would look at the micro tuning box as either a controller on the way in, or a midi effect on the way out. This is sure to avoid the horrible double clocking heartbreak of midi loops.

This all said, I have not used this box, and so I don’t actually know for sure. But in theory, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work just fine.

thanks Sunshine.
yeah MIDI In alone is just fine… didn´t thought furhter…

I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ve got a TBX2 on the way. Everything in the spec sheet leads me to believe it should work fine.

i have done it using microsynth, dropping midi files on to the sd, and it works nicely! still trying to figure out how to directly record thru microsynth into pyramid, but i think that’s a microsynth issue having nothing to do with the pyramid. when i try, i hear the tuned notes underneath, like microsynth is layering pitches. haven’t figured it out yet but i’m sure there’s a solution.

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OT sorta: more synths need User Tunings.

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I could not agree more.

Now if we could all agree on a standard tuning format (my vote would be for scala) so that I wouldn’t have to create multiple tuning files for every tuning.


Standard?!? You want a standard?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Im still amazed that enough manufacturers ever agreed enough to make MIDI happen without some doucheco wanting to control everything ie Gates, Google, etc

lol, I can dream, can’t I? :star_struck: