Micro timing CC automations?

Hi everyone :smiley: !

I use CC automations on the pyramid and this is great, however some of my synth react badly to big leaps happening in the automation, one way to go around this is by transforming the leap into a tiny and quick curve, or by shifting/moving the automation a bit on the left, so the CC informations arrive slightly in advance compared to the “note on” information ;

I there a way to do micro timing automations or to move them slightly on the left ? like the microtiming of the notes alvailable in step mode with encoder 4 ?
Or maybe there is a way around this ?

Thanks :slight_smile: !!

No way to offset like notes. but you have 3 options ( I can think of)

a) zoom in
You can zoom in and place automation 1 step before

b) offset notes
Apply a very small offset to all your notes.

c) use note to cc fx
So sequence cc on separate track as notes ( so you can use offset then use note to cc fx
(Only really practical for 1 or 2 cc!)

Also I’d look at your synth. As that seems to be the cause of the issue eg I know my Virus has an option to slew incoming cc ( useful to avoid stepping due to midi resolution).


Ah thanks ! The first option would be tedious (but I’ll do that if no other option is found),
the second one would work for slow attack type of sound but wont work if I need a tight timing (for a bass for example)

However the third one (sequencing on separate track and use note to CC fx) worth the investigation ! Thank you for sharing I’ll test it :slight_smile: !

Unfortunately I use cheap and/or old synth and I don’t have the “slew incoming CC options” ; The virus is such a beast ^^ glad you have one, enjoy it :smiley: ! by any chance is there a place on the internet where I can listen to the music you make with your virus ?

Thank you <3 !