MFB Synth Lite II program change

Hello, please im having problems to assign program change on my mfb synth lite ii > Anyone here could helpme with the midi cc implementation? Ive already tried the default program change via pyramid, all codesm but only pitch bend is responding to my mfb. Thanks.

I have the MFB Synth Lite II too, and I have added the CC implementation in my latest update to the Pyramid Definition file.

I’ll post a copy in the Definitions forum.

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Heyyyy, thanks a lot NilsOlav. I already put the definitions , did the call, worked well for some parameters, but for what i need more that is the program change doesnt work. Maybe because program change isnot inside the definitions that you post inside the definitions forum. Do you know what is the comand cc for the program change? Ive alreadt tried the program change in the end of the list of MiDI CCs but isnot working> please , if you know something about it let me know Thanks a lot. Roger

Assuming your PyraOS is updated to v. 3.0, program changes are accessed in TRACK mode using the function knobs 1, 2 and 3, respectively, where 1 is PC, 2 is BANK MSB and 3 is BANK LSB.

Since you can have only one program change per track you might benefit from running tracks with program changes in Pattern mode. See the Pyramid manual (v. 3.0) p. 29-30 for more information.

A track may have up to 32 patterns, and each pattern may have its own note, CC, time signature, length and PC data, which are separate from other patterns on that track. Each track then functions sort of like a meta-track holding up to 32 patterns which may be selected one at a time.

EDIT: I just tried this, and it works immediately; Whenever you turn the PC knob, the Pyramid sends out the according Program Change command to the selected synth. Remember that Program 00 is the actual setting on the MFB knob panel.

Ensure that you have enabled Program Change in the system settings of the Synth Lite II.

Program Change (received) is always enabled in MFB Synth Lite II and cannot be turned off.

I don’t have a Synth Lite II but I looked at the MIDI documentation on the MFB website:
and there is some kind of setting for enabling Program Change and Control Change using RECORD + Glide/Shift. What does this setting affect?

It controls the way the Synth Lite II handles MIDI signals.

0: THRU; everything is passed from the MIDI IN to the MIDI OUT, nothing is sent from the Synth Lite II itself.

1: Program Change is sent from the Synth Lite II on the MIDI OUT when a program is selected.

2: Controller CC’s are sent from the Synth Lite II on the MIDI OUT when a knob is turned.

3: Both PC and CC is sent on the MIDI OUT.

I hope this clarifies a bit.

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Thanks for the information! I now understand that it doesn’t relate to @rogermultiuse’s problem.

Hello, thank you very much. But still not working for me. Yes, im using the 3.0 pyra version. I tried different ways, i have other synths like DSI evoler and works fine the program change. But in all my MFB synths doesnot work well, i have a dominion 1 that the program change works but everytime that i change the track on pyramid the preset that ive had ad before change for another one that i didnot choose when i choose the track again. On Synth lite 2 a lot of parameter works like modulauion, cuttof etc, but the program change doesnt work. I think i did everything right, because i did the same with evolver and works fine. This is so sad, because i bought the pyramid to use with this synths and specially to make the program change. Thanks by the support. If possible, please send me your contact , i can send a video showing what is going wrong here, it would help me a lot, i need to fix this. Thank you so much.

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Program Change messages are different from CC messages, and are accessed in quite a different way on the Pyramid.

In order to access Program Change on the Pyramid do the following:

Set Pyramid to a track set up for communicating to the synth you want to send Program Change messages.

Press 2nd + TRACK.

Pyramid now displays Program Change, Bank MSB and Bank LSB. These are empty , but if you turn knob 1 on the Pyramid, the program on the synth should change. You might need to turn the Bank MSB and Bank LSB knobs a notch up as well in order to make the MFB Synth Lite II register the Program Change message.

You might also try setting the MFB up to send Program Change messages as well, i.e. hold RECORD + Glide/Shift on the MFB while powering the synth on, and set it to ‘3’, enabling the MFB to transmit both PC and CC. This may change the way it receives PC as well.

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Hello, nice!!! thanks a lot, my mistake was not use the patern mode before , now is changing the patern. But i had a problem while i was trying to enable the pc and cc on my synth lite 2. I did what you told me ( hold record + glide ) but what happened was that now the program change is working but the mfb isnot receiving the midi informations from my sequencer. ( it was receiving before i do this comand you told me , but now seems isnot working anymore ) The synth lite is not getting the correct sequence that i put on my pyramid, not even playing a single note now. Do you know how i can make a factory reset of my synyh lite 2 , i did not found inside the manual. Or how i can actually make the synth lite 2 works again? Thanks a lot. Roger

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Hi again. Happy you got the PC thing working.

However, I have just discovered that I made a slight misreading of the manual of the Synth Lite II.

In a polyphonic mode, the Synth Lite II allows for up to five units to be cascaded in series, with one note played by each, by holding one button down while powering the unit on. This works in the following way:

Power on and holding Octave OSC 1: Monophonic (i.e. the normal setting)

Power on and holding Waveform OSC 1: two-note polyphonic; one synth plays every other note

Power on and holding Octave OSC 2: three-note polyphonic; one synth plays every third note

Power on and holding Waveform OSC 2: four-note polyphonic; one synth plays every fourth note

Power on and holding Glide: five-note polyphonic; one synth plays every fifth note <–My mistake!! Now your synth only plays every fifth note it receives!

In other words: If you power the Synth Lite II on and hold Octave OSC 1, everything should work normally again.

Then, while the synth is on, press and hold RECORD and press Glide and set the synth to send/receive both PC and CC by setting the display to ‘3.’

I am sorry for the confusion my mistake has caused you. I just discovered it when trying this out myself and ending up in the same embarassing situation. The Synth Lite II certainly has a lot crammed into it for its size…

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