MF Twister LED tracking

I’m using a Midi Fighter twister to control cc parameters that map through Pyramid (and MTP) to Digitone parameters. It’s all working well for recording automations, except midi flow is 1-way. The LED rings on the twister don’t respond to my recorded automations.

Is there a way to achieve this? E.g. link them just like the MFT works with ableton?

One concern is that it might create a midi loop, but maybe there’s a way around this with MTP?

I think I figured it out. From the MFT manual:

It is possible to sync the display value of the CC or note to the parameter it is controlling in
your software of choice. Simply map the MIDI OUT for that parameter to the same MIDI
number on channel 0.

I did an experiment connecting just the twister to the pyramid. Setting the channel and cc number the same tracks properly.

So in theory, I can split the midi out from the pyramid to go back to the MFT as well as the digitone and this should work.

I’m using the midi fighter with the hermod and setting a midi out fx on the same track with corresponding midi channels and cc works, the led on the midi fighter displays the modulation of the track

I have another problem with the midi fighter tho, i control lfos with it, and after a while it gets stuck on certain values with the knobs not working correctly. I then have to go to the the track, midi fx, go into the midi fx then move the knob and it start working properly again. But after a while it happens again an i have to go into the midi fx again. Have you ever experienced a similar issue where the midi fighter gets stuck on certain parameters?

I have not. I’ve mostly only used it w sw until recently.

One led was stuck on colour change today but eventually fixed itself.

Hi… I have had my midi contender twister a few days at this point and it was turned out great. I had the option to change setups a modest bunch of times. One minute prior I connected it to my PC and every one of the lights on the unit were radiant white rather than the tones I had them set at from the design. The PC doesn’t perceive the unit any more.

It seems like a midi fighter issue, try to post on their forum if you haven’t already

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