Merge tracks or patterns

Hi, is it possible to merge tracks or patterns? For instance, I have a couple of Euclidean patterns running, triggering the same synth on the same channel with different patterns (different notes). I want to reduce this to a single track for the convenience of not having 4 to 6 tracks for a single instrument. I can consolidate each of them, and then calculate the lenghth of a full cycle, multiply so that every track has the same lenght, but can I merge the result into a single track onboard or should I just reroute the outgoing channel back in and record a new track in real-time? What would you do? Merging live is probably the fastest way to do this isn’t it?

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I think I would consolidate the output of the euclidian tracks and then record them both to a merged midi file and then reimport.

You can simply copy/paste it to a new track, no rerecording or export needed.

Humm, I mean merging 4 to 6 tracks, really. Each successive paste will overwrite was was already there, wouldn’t it?

No, it will only overwrite same notes in the same places, I’m pretty sure you could work around it this way ! But it depends on your setup, on mine it would be probably faster to record all the midi track outputs at once to a DAW, then recording it back into the pyramid in a single track using the live mode ;

I tried it and it works, some things you have to keep in mind like setting the track length in advance and pasting twice if you have a track which has half the length for example. Recording in the DAW has a lot of advantages, for checking and editing and so on, but for some fast polyphonic ideas and to stay in the pyramid flow it works great just to copypaste it.

Great !

Yeah I know the whole point of having the pyramid is less daw involved in the process but somehow I find myself using (sometimes) the Daw for midi operations ;

The great thing with pyramid is that, the way it is integrated in my setup, I can litterally choose how to do stuff and have many options !

Glad it worked :smiley: