Masterkeyboard --> Hapax ---> Soundsource / play only vs. the active track?


i´d like to understand my options, and the limitations (for now),
and if there is again user error involved or not:

When i play my Masterkeyboard, then is it playing out to the soundsources thru all mapped Tracks / midi channels, as mapped in the Hapax in track settings (midi).
I ´m not able to play ONLY to the soundcource related to the active Track in the Hapax ,
but to no other.

is there a way to avoid that behave ? or is it a limitation for now ?*

  • (i think i read allready about it elsewhere here, but don´t know in which threads depth it was)

Turn off Midi-Thru. Midi-thru will forward on any midi events regardless of processing. It’s for chaining midi-devices together without using splitters etc.

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I assume you’re not using midi thru, as you say you are playing thru tracks…

currently, if you want to only play the Active Track, you need to use INPUT= ALL ACTIVE.

if you use a specific input e.g. INPUT = MIDI A / Ch1 , then this is always ‘live’ regardless of if the track is active or not.

the ‘idea’ behind it, I think is two scenarios.

a) you have one master keyboard, setup on one midi channel
so use INPUT = ALL ACTIVE, and use the the hapax to switch tracks

b)you have multiple input keyboards (or want to switch channels from a single keyboard)
so you are using your controllers to control what’s been being played.

for the most part thats ok, but there are other scenarios that don’t fit neatly into this, which Ive discussed elsewhere…
so, Ive talked about this with Squarp… about things like monitor modes (as used in things like Ableton), which are a bit more comprehensive (e.g. auto only monitors if the pattern is not already filled)
… but there may be simpler solutions, that could work for most?

but definitely, an area to send in a feature request, if its not fitting your workflow.

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Ok, this will solve it then. I´ll get to sit on the Hapax again later tonight.
Great to hear that its doable…the next step up on my journey into that new Box.
Thanks a heap again !

I´ll consider a feature request later in case i have a good specific idea.
spontaneous, this button combos come to mind:

  • press: track + play
  • or: track + rec (less ideal)
    to set a tracks input, to be the only midi forwarded one

@ “Masterkeboard + Hapax” scenario

Personally , I think lots of buttons combos ( unmarked!) are going to get confusing - we are seeing lots of new proposals!
But perhaps that’s just personal preference.

What I’ve proposed, it’s that the record buttons acts per track, like an ‘arm’ … then a track option for in/auto/off …
this is very close to how it works in ableton live.
And that’s been fine for me, even when used with push2 ( so in a kind of hardware context)

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i´m totally with you on that one !

yet, what i proposed (on the quick) seems very logic, but i have right now NO clue, what button combos allready exist.

to notes, for me, for any recording work, anyway on any looping work,
do i NOT want to have any necessity that i first have to “arm” something !
its for me a show stopper for any quick and inspirational work.
Even if i own such gear, i would not use it ( proven by me :rofl: )

it took me now virtually just seconds, to dive into the Hapax, doing some live looping/recording work. Thats the first time, i felt good with doing these task, …just DO /
i hoped the Hapax to be that, thats why i bought it, —> and it is. / knocking on wood :wink:

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this is not the case …if you follow the Ableton live model.

basically, you just select the track, then you hit record (which means ARM, and so records)
(it basically auto-arms), so same as it is today.

the difference to now… is that you can do this on multiple tracks.

as currently, hitting record will only record on one track.

but as always, these things need to be kind of considered together, as they form a coherent workflow.
the Live workflow in this area, I think is pretty well proven…
its quite a clever set of defaults, that make it ‘just work’ for simple scenarios, but allows you to fine tune where you have more elaborate setups.

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yeah, tahts then the next thing that comes into play !
that was ofcourse not yet on my radar, sine its not yet a given.

i definitly will give it all a hood thought bevore “I” ever raise a specific “feature request”

optional discussion points: (not meant to waiste anybodys time / just omit)
just, i think we deal here with two thematics;

  • incoming “midi signal forwarding”
  • and: incoming “midi signal recording”

the difference between Hapax and ableton live i see, is:
in the case of Live is the sequenzer and the soudsource ( to expect to be) coupled,
while Hapax is just a inbetween unit, …in this case… between a masterkeyboard and a soundsource. ( well, its debatable if “we” would want to look at this this way / i get that)

in my case, is the usecase scenario very specific:

  • my soundsources ARE within my computer, which might be a non-common usecase scenario vs. the Hapax.
  • B) and: my masterkeyboard goes anyway also directly to the computer. ( in any case)
    so, i can juggle some things there ( listening/ pre-listneing situation)
    You won´t have point B) when dealing with hardware alone, much ,likely.

is it normal and intended , that when i switch to a certain Input and Channel it doesn’t play through to the output?

With “Input All” it forwards the played notes to the defined Midi Out. So i directly hear what i’m playing.

With Input set to a certain Port/Channel it sends it to the same output channel #, so i’m not hearing what i’m playing. Only once i record an play back