Master Keyboard UDO Super 6

Hello everyone!
I purchased an UDO super 6, and i’d like to use it as a master keyboard, though it doesn’t work. If i plug the midi out of the Alpha Juno, same cable, pyramid receives notes, but when i connect the UDO, it doesn’t. I thought it was a UDO problem, but if i connect the UDO to my midi interface in the computer, it does work straight away, so i’m pretty confused. Everything is correctly setup on Pyramid, as i said, using the Alpha works with the same setup…
Used the same cable with both the UDO and the Alpha, and the computer, so no cable issue either.

Any clues??

If you plug the Super 6 into the Pyramid, then in the Settings menu, go to Info, the 3 clicks to the left will give you a view of all MIDI data coming into the Pyramid. Does anything show when you press any of the notes on the Super 6?

Just tried that, no info whatsoever, if i then switch to the Alpha, or the DX7 it works as expected and info shows midi data stream.

Hi @dsf,
I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

This type of issue is very rare, but when they happen, MIDI thru might help strengthening the signal. If you have one on hand, it might be useful to experiment with a MIDI thru box.

Hey Thibault, no worries man, and thank for your answer. I honestly don’t know if it’s related to the Pyramid or to the UDO, because all other Synths work correctly with the Pyramid as master keyboards. the bad thing is i can’t use the UDO by itself either to record, using the mod and pitch wheel.

I do not have a midi Thru box, but even if i have the UDO as the only connection in either port A or B i have this behavior, do you have any idea what might happen??

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