Massive hisses and electronic noises with using usb


Hey guys,

Using Hermod as an USB-Device is producing massiv hisses and electronic buzzes on the audio. I tried to change the places within the case, but it stays the same.

I am using a Doepfer P9-Case. Never had problems with it.

Any ideas what to do?



This is most likely a USB ground loop.
First thing you can try, is to power everything from the same power socket.


Hey joosep,

already did that. I am trying to use a Beatstep Pro with Hermod. Functionality is fine, but the Hisses and Noises stays.


I don’t have a Beatstep pro anymore, but I can assert that the Keystep is working great in the USB port. Midi, bi-directional, and no noise interference.

How are you connecting the CV and gate between Hermod and the BSP?
Are you just using USB/Midi?


Only USB so far. Nothing else.


And what is the noise coming from?

BSP and Hermod don’t make sound, so how are you connecting things?


Problem solved. It was a common problem with Beatstep Pro. Groundloop. Beatstep is deliviering a extra cable to avoid that problem. I just forgot about that, as I didn’t use USB for a long time.

Fixed in seconds.

Sorry for the irritation und thanks for responding.


Awesome! Thank you for following up.