Maschine mk3 sync to Pyramid

Hi there ,

Has someone experienced to sync a Maschine mk3 to Pyramid ?
Wish to add maschine to be able to play add samples and others .

Thanks advance

Any advice ? :pray:t2:

A few years ago I briefly considered using Machine as my sampler for live performances.
I had the Maschine Micro Mk2

I just connected the midi in from the midi out and either triggered samples/played instruments from the pyramid, or clocked Maschine from the pyramid (make sure Maschine is set to receive external sync, and Pyramid is set to send it) and also I dedicated Midi out 2 for Maschine so that I could have 16 midi channels exclusively for sampling and sounds within Maschine.

One laptop crash was all it took for me to bail. I got an Octatrack and a Bitbox and a looper and haven’t looked back. But it can be done. It’s mostly a matter of setting it up ahead of time, and making sure that sync is being sent and received correctly.

Hope that’s helpful.

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Thank you sunshine