Mark II PyraOS support and midi Multi-channel recording

I’m currently considering buying a Pyramid mark II. The Pyramid seems SO amazing from what I’ve learned so far!

However, I have a couple of questions if some of you would help me out :slight_smile:

Regarding new versions of PyraOS and the Mark II
Will a Pyramid Mark II have the ability to use the newest PyraOS (currently 4.01)?
If yes - what about the future - will there be the same kind of continued support for Mark II as there is for the Mark III?

Regarding multi-channel recording:
From the manual:
“In SETTINGS you can choose between OMNI-mode (control the selected track, regardless of controller output channel) and MULTI-mode (control TR01A if a controller’s channel = 01, control TR14A with a controller set to channel 14, etc.). This option allows you to record multi-channel events as a MIDI looper.”

What does this mean more precisely?

I would like to record all midi data (notes/automation etc. ) from my OP-Z, MPC1000, and doing some playing on my AKAI keyboard into Pyramid - all at the same time. This will mean, that Pyramid have to be able to record midi on several midi channels at the same time. Like a multitrack recorder. Is that possible? If yes, how would that be done?

Thanks all of you for your time :slight_smile:

All the best,


  1. the difference between the mark I-III are cosmetic from what i understand. you should be fine with a mkII.

  2. i use multi-mode in the same way. each track number corresponds to the midi channel. so w/ OPZ on 1, MPC1000 on 2, akai keyboard on 3 they should write to channels 1,2,&,3 respectively. If you have midi channel 3 selected on track 3 AND 4 I believe your akai keyboard will also write to that 4th track.

omni, which i dont use, is more like all devices/controllers write on the channel specified when selecting omni.

Hi Greyscale - thanks a lot for your reply - I finally got hands on a Pyramid MK II 10 days ago - it’s an impressive machine - wow!

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