Marbles CV & Gate into Pyramid oddness


Love my Pyramid - one of the most inspiring (and easy to learn) pieces of kit out there. Yumm! :black_heart:

Now, I’ve got my Pyramid hooked up to my modular (for the first time) and I’m capturing patterns from MI Marbles (an awesome module BTW). It is kind of working, except even though Marbles is sending single gate and cv messages some of them are coming in as double notes (not all of them but at least 2 out of the 16).

Are there any known issues with recording CV & Gates into the Pyramid? I’m fairly sure this isn’t an issue with Marbles (though it could be and I’ve asked the same question on their forum).

Thanks in advance XX

Hey yall,

Sorry to revive this thread, but looking to confirm some things myself.

Firstly, the circumstance described here is exactly what I’m interested in using Pyramid for: I like to be able to record CV / gate from Marbles into my sequencer. (Using ER-101/2 combo for this now & it works great, but I’m eager to try moving sequencing out of the rack…) So, it’s not as clear to me in the Pyramid manual as it is in the Hermod manual: Pyramid is able to record CV / gate as a sequence? (ie, not just as modulation of another sequence?)

Secondly, @KidYoshi I’m curious if you’re still encountering the bug you describe here?


I am still having the issue yes. I’ve not tried much since-I’ll try again with other modules (like metropolis).

Will let you know later today.


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Thank you, I appreciate it.

I wonder if experimenting with gate length would make a difference? (See the Gate outputs. section of the manual.)

OK - tried recording CV/Gate In into the Pyramid via Metropolis (Pitch & Gates) and the same problem happens - doubled up notes on some of the notes recorded. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen if the Metropolis is sending out the same note (ie: C3, C3, C3 etc).

Anyways - I’ve figured out a solution… if I turn on the Quantize effect then the problem goes away (at least it seems to).


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How do you even set up a track for recording gate+cv…? would love to try that with e.g Marbles…

Edit: figured it out. for me it works flawlessly… i send out a Gate track from Pyramid to my mult, mult to Clock In on Marbles, then cv and gate out into Pyramid. no double triggers, though i bet that can happen if you don’t clock marbles “correctly”, if e.g the rate knob is a little off to the side, then it won’t have the standard clock rate.

Really fun btw, love hearing my Digitone being “marbelized” :slight_smile:

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