Main encoder different from others?

I just received my Pyramid and I’m having issues with the main menu encoder. It feels very different from the other 5 encoders, all of which I can feel the steps on. On the main encoder I can only sometimes feel the steps, and even when I do, it is very subtle compared to the others. Sometimes turning the main encoder is just smooth (doesn’t feel like an encoder at all, ie. no stepping) The menus don’t seem very responsive as I turn the main encoder, often lagging my turn. Additionally, pressing the main encoder feels very different from the other 5. The others all give a solid “click”, but not the main one. Pressing the main encoder often takes 3-5 tries to register that I have pushed it.

I’m assuming that I got a bad unit, but just wanted to clarify if the main encoder is a different encoder (hence the different feel) from the others.


nope, they should all be identical. so there’s a mechanical issue with that encoder if it feels significantly different. I would contact Squarp.

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Ok. Thank you.

For what it’s worth, my main encoder also is pretty spotty at responding to clicks. I often have to push it multiple times and it requires a pretty hard push, so it’s not uncommon for me to accidentally rotate it while trying to get it to register a push. This leads to misspelled labels and the like. It’s not the end of the world, but my real concern is that it will go out sooner or later and stop registering clicks at all. When that happens, I’ll have a serious problem on my hands.

Interesting. I have read on the forum of others having an issue with their various encoder’s push buttons being a result of the caps sitting too low. The recommended fix for that is to put a bit of paper into the cap so that it sits higher. To see if that would work fo you you could remove the cap and see if the push button functionality works without the cap. If it does, then the paper fix should sort that. Hopefully Squarp will ship future units with slightly shorter caps to eliminate this issue.

The other issue that I am having, that the encoder isn’t stepping consistently (feels smooth often, and totally unlike the other encoders) is not something that could be addressed without changing out the encoder as far as I know.

I returned my unit and have a new one in the mail on the way. :wink:

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good luck!

I wonder what % of pyramids out in the wild have needed the “piece of paper under the encoder” surgical procedure, lol

my hardware sequencer has paper in it!

good times, $700 :slight_smile:


Just to follow up, I got my new unit and indeed all the encoders on it feel and function identically, so it really was just a faulty one that I originally received.


I’m having a related but different issue - the main encoder stopped working after ~2 hours of use. I find that for every 20 turns or so, around 2-3 are recognized. Really frustrating to say the least. And yes, you’d expect more product testing than this for $700

This might be a bit different question, but are the encoders suppose to be kind of loose ?

All my encoders kind of shakes a little, unlike the Korg minilogue XD knobs which is steady and very tight.

Hi, did you solved the issue by contacting squarp ? Unfortunately they had issues with a set of faulty encoders that made it through the hardware test :frowning:

But good news is, they are aware of it and will take care of your unit if you tell them (via “contact” on their website) as they did with mine and with other units as well, plus it was quick (4days in total but I’m in Europe) ;

Encoders are crucial to pyramid, so do not hesitate to contact them if you havent already ! I know it’s hard to let the pyramid go a week or two but it worth it :slight_smile:


Louis is absolutely right, if you’re having hardware issues with your Pyramid, just send us an email via the contact form below, and we’ll take care of the issue.