Lydian scales incorrect?

Am I crazy or are the Lydian scales incorrect on the Hapax? I’m working in G Lydian, which is G A B C# D E F#, but according to Hapax G Lydian has an F rather than an F#, and I can’t find any scales in G that contain those notes. I can set it to another scale like B Aeolian to get those notes, but now I’m paranoid that the other times I’ve used the global scale I may not have been working in the scale I thought I was…

F Lydian should be F G A B C D E but Hapax has it as F G A B C D Eb. E Lydian should be E F# G# A# B C# D# but Hapax has a D rather than D#.

Has anyone else run across this issue? Am I missing something?

Have you selected Lydian Dominant by mistake?

Actually I just checked, looks like Lydian scale is missing in OS 2.00

That’s what it is! I wasn’t paying attention to the ‘color’ of the key, I just selected the first Lydian I saw. Thanks for checking!

EDIT: I’ve submitted a bug report

I really wish scales were laid out like: Major/Minor, Mode, Root. It seems very unintuitive the way it’s laid out now, like not based on music theory.

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