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Hello - I have a Hermod which will be arriving later this week. I already have a Pyramid as well (among other hardware sequencers and midi/cv converters) and I am interested in consolidating down to as few as possible.

One key feature that seems to be missing on many of them and perhaps the Hermod is a low note priority. I have read the manual, but do not explicitly see the note priority mentioned.

As an example, if you record polyphonically to a track but only allocate a single voice, which note is chosen for the CV/gate output? One of the ways I would prefer to use such a tool is to have the low note given priority, but regardless if several notes occur on the same PPQN, which will currently win?

I’ve tried to search the forum and other online resources for this answer, but was not able to find it. Any assistance is appreciated.


I did a little test…

note: please remember MIDI is a serial protocol, so there is no concept of two notes being started at exactly the same time. (clock is not relevant to this)

I see two slightly different behaviours

a. record in a ‘chord’
so to ensure the notes were played ‘exactly’ on the same ppqn, I sent a chord from the pyramid.
the hermod recorded this as a chord.
the note it chose to play was the FIRST note i programmed on the pyramid.
(so I assume it is sent first to the hermod, though in fairness i’d need to check midi logs)

b. play a chord on the active channel , and then sequence on hermod
interestingly this seem to prioritise the LAST note that was released.

so no, it does prioritise the note played on its note number, rather which was received first (or last)

note: i did not try changing midi::allocator (from default ‘poly’) as i believe this is only used for poly channels. but it might have an effect . but given its not got low note priority, i do not think it’ll help you.

if this is something you want, then send a feature request to Squarp via their website contact form.

Thank you for that detail, it points to what I thought may be the case - there is some internal mechanism making the assignment but it’s not defined to the end user and not configurable.

Worst case scenario, I’ll just have MIDI output from Hermod also going to a CV.ocd, which can explicitly define low note priority for its CV output.

I’ll also request the feature, thank you for the link.

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