Love the Echo-cho-ho-o

Been playing with the Echo and it’s great for making house style bass lines.

For example add an Echo effect (and Scale effect) to a Track and set the Echo Sync Time to be like 3/16 (which I think is a dotted time signature). Then set the target pitches in the Echo effect to values within an octave. The repeating echo’s will pitch up/down to those targets over the # of echo repeats (this in itself is quite interesting and can be used to great effect for many things).

Then go to the track and place 2 notes, one on the first beat and another on a later beat (beat 10 works nicely). Adjust the pitches of those notes to taste.

Instant bouncy bass lines. :sunglasses:

By adjusting the number of repeats / time signature / target pitches and the notes on the grid you can go from bass lines to melodies and more.

(Note: I recommend turning off Fade Gate as it seems to do weird things like double triggers and generally it just doesn’t sound good when you have multiple notes echoing).


This is a cool tip. I hadn’t used this effect yet but will definitely be trying this!

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