Looper/sampler for use with Pyramid

Anyone using anything other than their daw to capture their pyramid loops? Looking for something to slave to the pyramid that can do quantized loop recordings from my mixer. Ideally it would be able to slice and do fades on the loops to avoid clicks/pops like my akai stuff couldn’t.

I’ve thought about the blackbox, but I’m not completely sure what it’s capabilities are. I saw loopop’s video, but he only spent about 50 seconds on looping.

I have an MC-707 that I can use, but ideally that would be something I take outside of the studio, not have it permanently hooked up in.

Slicing is pretty big.

I do NOT want an octatrack.

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I’m looking for something similar and so far all bring me back to the Blackbox. Check out Ricky Tinez demo. He is showcasing some live looping scenario

I’m waiting to see what the Rample bring to the table…

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Looks pretty ideal. I wonder how it behaves slaved, with looping. It’s certainly cheap enough that I may just buy one on reverb and find out.

I use the Octatrack. If you don’t have of patience to learn the master of all hardware sampler/loopers, I don’t suggest you buy one. As well as what Max Marco summarizes in this video: https://youtu.be/2LrnBz0TpPY
After all that, if you still want to capture perfect loops of your synths controlled by the squarp, the octatrack will do amazing things. I’ve been using a foot pedal to capture loops, using the very hidden menu of Quantize Recording and Quantize playback. The squarp will March along with the octatrack, and I set the recording trigger to quantize at “pattern length,” which can be any 1/16th note/step length up to 64. The coolest part, is that if you start a pattern on the squarp that is longer than 64 steps, the “pickup machine” track type in the octatrack will recognize and auto snap the recordings from 64 to 128, then to 256, then the 512 STEPS! You can watch the steps counter go up that high, along with the steps in your squarp track length display page. This is the intuitive way to capture improvised ideas, in case you were maybe wanting the hand automate synth parameters beyond the length of the squarp pattern, yet have the sampler (octatrack) keep recording beyond the squarp’s pattern length, yet not need to worry about taking you hands off the synth once 128/256/512 comes around… just tap the foot pedal “Rec” button and when that octatrack pattern comes to its end (I use 1 or 4 pages of 16 steps, for uniformity), it will auto stop recording and start playing back the loop.

Great question!
I’ve been recently looking to add something like this to my workflow with the constraint that I’d like to remain DAW-less

I don’t have experience working with live loopers previously, and like Randolfenstein says, I don’t have the patience to learn a whole new UI/UX that is markedly different. (This might be unavoidable, but hopefully I can mitigate it)

That said, the new MPC One looks pretty tempting for both MIDI and audio sampling/looping.
Anyone have experience with MPC tools integrating with Pyramid? Curious to hear thoughts about other Pyramid users’ solutions.

I use MPC Live with Pyramid. The Sampler and the Looper are great and extremely accurate.
The MPCs have some nice features, for exapmle, you can capture your complete Monosynth with an automation and create an Keygroup program, so that you can then play the sounds polyphone on the MPC.
I think it is a great combination, although there are surely also some quirks.

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Which is master, the MPC or the Pyramid?

Why do you need the Pyramid if you have a sequencer in the MPC?

I also have both, but I rarely combine them. I’m just curious as to how and why you integrate them.