Loop screen (loop bar/page)?


I am wondering if there is any way to loop a page of notes or a range of notes. I am finding that when a sequence gets more than a few bars long it is difficult to wait for the sequencer to start over and come back to the point where I just made an edit. Example… in STEP mode, I have a 4 bar pattern (in 4/4 for simplicity sake) and I am viewing the notes on the 2nd bar (page) but would like for that bar to repeat over and over rather than moving on to bar 3, then 4, then restarting. Also would like to be able to select, for example bars 3 & 4 and have those repeat, por a range of steps and have those repeat. This feature is available on the DSI Tempest for and example of how I’m imagining this would work.

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not really.

iirc, if you pause then play, then it seems to restart at the beginning of the page.
tbh, never quite sure how this works… just sometimes, when I do pause/play, its seems to replay last, but thats not quite whats documented… so it might just be ‘lucky’ when it works like that for me!

I guess to workaround, you could copy the section (e.g. a couple of pages of notes) to a new track of shorter length, work on them… then copy them back once happy.

other than that, send a feature request to squarp :slight_smile:

Thank you @thetechnobear

I have found the behavior you mention, but while a track is playing. I think it is in STEP Note mode, if I hit Play while a track is running, Pyramid jump to the first step of the viewed page and continue playing from there. This is a very helpful feature I use frequently as I build tracks out longer and longer.

I don’t think this is documented behavior for the Pyramid. I’d like to say I’ve read the whole manual, several times even, but never cover to cover… so it is possible I missed this somewhere.

I will contact Squarp and suggest the Loop Screen and Loop Selected Steps ideas.


A function to loop the screen view would be brilliant!

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