Loop points for individual drum tracks? Notes?

I don’t see it covered explicitly in the manual, but is it possible to have independent start/end points for different drum tracks within a pattern?

Furthermore, is it/could it be possible to have independent start/end points per note in regular step mode?

The latter would/could be a great way to experiment with polymetric euclidean arpeggiations!

no, loop points are pattern level

which actually surprised me, I thought they’d be track level…
and didn’t realise you could store in a pattern.
which is really cool!


For drums, being able to set pattern lengths per-drum would be an almost crucial feature for live jamming. Even if one isn’t doing tricky polymetric stuff, it’s nice to be able to quickly edit shorter phrases, say an 8-step snare pattern or a 4-step hat pattern while a more complicated 64-step kick pattern is running. This is a feature I’ve really appreciated on devices like the Octatrack and Beatstep Pro…

Also wondering about CC “parameter locks” on drum steps or midi notes but that probably warrants a new thread :slight_smile:

how do you do that on the octatrack? each track is essentially monophonic
… so in that sense, you could spread the drums over multiple hapax tracks, then each track/pattern has its own loop points.

(sure only 16 tracks, if you need project switching, but if not you now have 32 tracks)

anyway, something that would have to go to the devs.

CC are not tied to notes… only the parameters on the ‘note page’’ (eg. chance, roll, vel etc)

CCs are in the automation…
the good news is though, you see the notes on the automation pads which is handy when lining up with notes.

bare in mind tie-ing CCs to notes does not really work for single channel midi (midi limitation) with polyphonic tracks … which is what we have here.

that said, we should wait to see what MPE per note editing brings, as that does in itself require CCs to be tied to notes
BUT we won’t know if this is more ‘generally’ applicable till we see it.
(bare in mind MPE has to be a different mode for various good reasons)

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On the Octatrack you can have independent lengths on a per-track level. On the Hapax it would just be so convenient to have that functionality within a single drum track, so editing everything can be performed from a single view.

Anyhow that will make for a great feature request.

Ahh yes- good point. I was mainly daydreaming about p-locking CCs for drum tracks, so more on a monophonic level, for editing CCs tied to pitch, decay, filter envelope etc.

MPE we’ll just wait and see what’s possible. For me MPE isn’t a main selling point but I’m sure will end up appreciating it!