Looking to buy a Pyramid soon, concerned about shipping to USA

The Pyramid looks like the perfect brain for my Integra-7 and Virus TI, and I’m just waiting to save up enough cash to get one.

As a US resident, my options for purchasing seem to be:

  1. Squarp online store (bonus points for also selling a cheap 4gb sd, which are expensive on amazon)
  2. Analogue Haven
  3. Reverb.com which has quite a markup for brand new

I’d like to get one directly from Squarp. But I’ve heard some stories about trouble with customs, and I’m looking for somebody to salve my concerns. Is it worth the risk?


Ordered mine direct to the states, no problems

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Ordered mine directly from Squarp as well. No issues with customs. It did take a while to arrive. Probably 2 weeks from the shipping confirmation - but I didn’t get charged any kind of import tax or anything.

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yea i dunno why you’re trippin - lots of folks in the states have one and I don’t think most folks have an issue.

Thanks for the replies. I know that most people haven’t had an issue, but it’s those stories that get me worried about that tiny risk.

No problems here, came earlier than scheduled too

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No problems here either

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My Pyramid, Hermod and extra power supplies have all arrived without an issue from Squarp directly.

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Mine arrived in sunny California pretty quickly - about a week after the shipping email - and with no customs issues. The email from Squarp did mention that as a non-EU purchaser I’d be charged duty fees and sales tax by my home country, but that didn’t happen either :slight_smile:

Order and be joyful - I love love love my Pyramid!

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i had no issue getting mine shipped here from Squarp, but if you like i have a Pyramid MK1 that I was just about to put up for sale at a reasonable price. i bought this one as a backup for a live set when i was getting my MK2 repaired. if you are interested just send me a PM. i have a reverb store, nearly 100 ebay sales, etc.

I placed my order yesterday, thanks for the reassurance everyone :smile:


Congrats on the order. The waiting in anticipation was the hardest part. Mine arrived from factory to US West coast within 12 business days without issues, using their standard shipping method.

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Duties were way cheaper than expected just get it from the Squarp. Also get the wood sides they make it way better.


I bought a Pyramid a month ago and I still do not have mine. The worst thing has been the way Squarp has treated me as a client. The only answer was: we have given you a tracking number. This is not a response consistent with the price I paid.

This really is exhausting

I can seriously appreciate your frustration, and this is often why i prefer brick and mortar stores over ordering online.

You have a tracking number. Its not quite in Squarps ability to affect shipping once the product has left their control. Have you contacted the shipping company or reviewed the tracking info online (if avail)?

I know that shipping things here (Canada) often results in a product getting held up in customs for unknown reasons. Sort of like a black hole.


Yes… all of that, that’s why I’m so tired. I think it’s not a bad idea for Squarp to give the costumer the opportunity to pay more for a better shipment service.

Any idea of what can I do instead of just wait?


Drink…? :wink:
Read the manual?
Start prepping any existing sequences you have in a DAW for use in the Pyramid?

I assume with the tracking info you have you know where the device is and approximately how long it will take to get to you.

Can’t say for certain if Express shipping is still offered today but it was last Summer. When I purchased mine back then the thought of shipping it FedEx 2-Day or Express to the States seemed appealing but the $200+ USD charge had me rethink it.

CreepyPants is spot on. Once the package leaves Squarp’s shipping dock it’s no longer thier liability. The shipping company should be able to provide an estimated delivery date based on the tracking number. I believe mine was handled by USPS and they offer a way of checking its status online at https://www.usps.com

There’s no need to purchase from Squarp if you have dealers in your country. https://squarp.net/dealers

Right now, Control Voltage has them in stock…

I believe Nerd Audio in Chicago has them as well