Looking for help with multitrack recording

Hi, just got my Pyramid so I’m very new to this but my aim is to be able to play a 4 bar pattern on synth 1 which then starts looping and then move onto synth 2, 3 and 4 and do the same - with all 4 synths then looping. I thought the process would be to set up each track and then press record just once and start playing each synth in turn to fit the 4 bar patterns. However I’m having trouble setting up these tracks because as soon as I try to setup a second track it deletes the first. Could someone help please with where I’m going wrong. Btw I’ve set Pyramid to Omni mode - Multi BkA, Midi Echo - Auto A and Live Looper Off.

there are two tips for this… (well at least what works for me)

a) dont record with a count-in
press play, then press record once transport is started.
(i guess pyramid perhaps views this as an overdub, so doesn’t stop at loop end)

if you play with a count-in (record then play) , then it will stop recording after first loop.

b) don’t switch tracks on pyramid
(this will stop record)
if you’re playing in omni -multi bka, the track is recording even if its not active, so just play :slight_smile:

this is what works for me at least…
i just have the transport running, when im ready to start i hit record
wait for 1 to come around, play track 1. (ch1)
once I’ve recorded that, i switch midi channel on my keys,
wait for 1 to come around, play track 2 (ch2).
once I’ve recorded that, i switch midi channel on my keys,
rinse and repeat :slight_smile:

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Thanks, for your reply, now part way to success. I’ve set track length to 4 bars and omitted the count-in, just press play then record. Started to play synth 1 but it looping after the first bar 1 bar, not the 4th. Tried it on 3 other synths/channels and it does the same. Is there a global setting I need to be changing?

Think I’ve found it, setting in global for default track length. Wouldn’t however record 3rd synth because it was running an arpeggiation, I guess Pyramid can’t handle arp’s coming from a synth.

Not quite sure I understand, each track has its own length.

Arps can be recorded, if they are sent as notes ( just as if they were played manually) - but you have to be clear in your own mind , the role of the synth and what you think the pyramid is recording.
eg are you getting pyramid to record chord, the sound engine the is arp, or is the synth/controller sending arp notes - best solution depends on your setups and synths.

Yes that makes perfect sense. Got under the hood of the synth, made a few adjustments and works perfectly now, thanks.

Thanks for this tip. I was having the same problem.