Longer Sequences

Hi, notice in this sequence example image that after a certain number of bars, the little counter arrow just stops counting and sits at the end which makes knowing where you’re at in the sequence a challenge. Is there a way around this so you can actually know what bar your at in the sequence? A little bar counter would be really helpful. The way it is right now is confusing during composition. Curious how people manage longer sequences visually?


I edit mine in Ableton and then load them onto the Pyramid.
Too confusing for me otherwise.

Oh, and I avoid long sequences. :innocent:

As I’ve been looking for ways to make my sequences more dynamic I’ve upped my usual track length count to 16 bars instead of the usual 4 or 8.

This works out well for me because there are only 16 bars visible in the display… though I agree… there seems to be enough space to have a tiny bar counter somewhere on the display… maybe to the left of the bar length display… Like a vertical fraction or something?

I am curious about this as well. My method for dealing with this issue is to hit ‘display’ in track mode to get a sense of where things are at, but that just offers progress bars that are quite vague for long track lengths.
I have often wondered if I was missing a feature here. Would be super convenient to have an indicator of precisely which bar the active track was at in any given moment.

I hadn’t really thought of just limiting my tracks to 16 measures but realistically that would solve some confusion with other aspects of this sequencer so thank you for the comment. I’ll try to just limit my tracks and break into multiple sequences and see if this helps.

Just in case folks haven’t noticed, this is a Track-mode limitation. In Step-mode, you can (of course) move around in the entire length of the track. Also I just noticed that if you enable player tracking (2nd + DISP) in Step-mode, this also affects the Track mode which gives you a little better idea of the position than the little arrow.

I do agree that a good ole cur/max bar number view would be far more informative and better use of the screen estate than the “graphical” view.

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