Long Stereo Sample, loops at the end

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I plan to use my Rample to play my own tracks, so I proceed to export as WAV, 44.1khz and 16bit from Ableton is Stereo named 1 track.wav and 3 effect.wav and 4 crash.wav for testing the stereo feature of Rample on output 1 and 2.

Well, the test was a success, with the stereo track and effect playing as expected. But because of the track been 5 minutes long. I waited to finish and, just at the end of the track, looped like 500ms without stopping. For me to stop the loop, I had to reload the kit or change to another. I was wondering if the WAV file has to end some way. Anyone with such problem? Any thoughts?

have a look at run modes…

Im not quite sure whats going on, if you were using ONE SHOT, then it should not automatically loop.
if you use one shot, you cannot stop it… its well, a one shot , fire and go…
hence you use other run modes.

iirc, toggle loop, will loop until you tell it to stop. (but its been a while since I last use this.

I don’t get what you mean by looping last 500mS… even in run mode that loops, it should be entire loop.
if not, then Id report that as a bug to squarp via the contact form
(obviously make sure you are on latest fw, and give a detailed description so they can reproduce)

fyi, last time, I remember playing for a while with things like run modes, env, length to get my desired result. I also had to play carefully with what I was using to trigger it to get timing as I wanted.

that said, I was trying to get long loops to repeat every now and then , but also allowing re-trigs…

whereas your situation seems easier , fire n forget?
perhaps just use gate high, and keep it high for as long as you need it to play.

of course, Id test this all with shorter samples initially to find what you need…
then long samples should react the same way , IF they don’t… they again file a bug report via the contact form.

note: if you need functionality that is NOT available with these run modes, then please send feature request to Squarp via form… (this is not the place for feature requests)

Hi, thanks

I think I have to check the run modes. I have the latest firmware, and yes is one shot (gate) yeah fire and forget.

Furthermore, I will make sure of the run mode, thanks!

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