Long automation tracks

Noob question here, apologies.

I’ve got a group of shorter tracks going, running at different lengths and time sigs, which to me is what is so amazing about the pyramid.

Can I now make a really long automation track on the same midi channel? E.g. to do a very slow fade in on an arpeggiated track.

Thank you


Yes indeed! Nothing prevents you from using all your tracks on one port and channel.

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One thing you can do, is zooming out and use the XY touchpad to draw the automation.

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use two tracks.

track 1: note information, have it loop at whatever makes sense
track 2: automation information. Put your fade here. Maybe you have this in one shot mode so the fade in plays, then the track disables with the filters open or whatever.

Alternative: Use CC lfo plugin instead of automation.

Of course it depends on what you want. Cheers.

Yes, this is exactly what I ended up doing, thanks. Still working on it but looks good