Logic Pro X / Squarp setup

Hi there ,

Could you someone share their midi setting in logic ? How do you integrate Midi Hardware synth via Squarp into Logic Pro midi settings by midi channels accordingly ?
I would like to be to play my synth and record the midi as well into Logic Pro and I got Squarp in between .

Got several hardware attached to Squarp pyramid and all midi accordingly to channels and works most of time very well .

Somehow I’m trying to create the midi channels as well in logic ( via external instrument plugin ) . But somehow channel midi 1 keeps playing as well if I’m on channel midi 2 or any other midi channel . Somehow it doesn’t split separate the midi channels as I have adjusted . Is there a trick to make logic follow the midi channels accordingly as I got my pyramid communicates further to the hardware . Appreciated your help :raised_hands:



Here for the same answers to the same questions for connecting Pyramid to Logic Pro X via USB.

What midi settings/preferences, control surface setup/preferences are required to make start/stop work both ways (e.g. start/stop on Pyramid triggers Logic to start/stop and the other way around)?

I also tried having multiple channel strips with separate instruments in Logic Pro X and have each with its own midi channel. Then created a few tracks on the Pyramid, each with its own midi channel. Ended up with each channel strip in Logic Pro X receiving the same midi data for all the channels…
EDIT: Found the answer (https://support.apple.com/en-au/guide/logicpro/lgcp8a4693ee/mac -> Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording)

This shouldn’t be complex (start/stop Logic and Pyramid together), but I can’t seem to get my head around it.
Any help would be appreciated.



as far as I know logic does not support midi clock sync as slave. for me it only works if logic is master and on top logic can not be in loop mode which sometimes is super annoying. :frowning:

at least, if logic is master and not in loop mode, timing is quite tight and also overdubs are in time.


When I have my Drumbrute Impact connected, I can start/stop Logic successfully, using the Drumbrute.
With MIDI monitor, I can see that the Drumbrute sends out a Control message, a Start message, a Sysex message and another Control message.
When I monitor the behavior of the Pyramid, I see it only sends Start/Stop messages (and a clock, if I enable that).

Is it the missing Control and Sysex message that causes Logic not to pick up the start and stop messages?

Again, any help would be appreciated.


this is all that is required for midi clock support.

the issue is logic (*) does not support midi clock as an external sync, only MTC.

unfortunately, your choice is pretty much limited to either use logic as the master, or use something to bridge midi clock from pyramid to MTC.

(*) yes, logic… every other daw i have, supports midi clock.
its kind of understandable, MTC gives more accuracy, but there is a lot of gear that does not support it…hence why other daws support both.


You are correct. Logic only serves as a clock master - it will not slave to anything.

Thanks for your help.

Got things working by enabling Clock for the Pyramid (Project Settings > Synchronization > MIDI).
This allows using Start/Stop/Record in Logic and the Pyramid will do what is expected from it.
That it doesn’t work the other way around is a minor inconvenience, that I’m sure I’ll learn to live with. :wink: