Loading a project while Hermod is playing?

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I’m looking at buying a Hermod to be the brain of my modular aimed at live performance.
I’m still a bit unclear about something though, in the manual I found this:

Note that loading a project while Hermod is playing won’t reset the clock, the newly loaded project will be playing immediatly.

What is meant by “playing imediately”? I find the 8 sequences of a single project a bit limiting for longer sets and I’m wondering about changing project on the fly, can Hermod users shed some light on this for me please ?
How does it work when you load the next project while the first is playing, does it stay in sync ? Is the project loaded after the end of the sequence that is playing ? In my setup, Hermod would be slaved to my Octatrack which I could use to make smooth transitions and even repatch a few cables while essentially using the Octatrack as a looper, but I would need the Hermod to stay in sync while changing project on it, is that possible ?

Thanks in advance for your answers !


Going to reply to my own question since I found a way to test the Hermod in person (and consequently bought one), someone else may have the same question in the future:

The project load operation is done instantaneously and the Hermod stays in sync, whether its the main clock or slaved (tested with the 5 DIN MIDI port). The 8 sequences per project is therefore not really a limitation.


i have about a hundred projects on the hermod and when entering the projects list to load a project the audio stops for about a second or two to load all the names i guess, then the audio continue playing and i can scroll through the list, then when i select a project to load it loads seamesly and stays in sync. maybe is just the sd card too slow but i never bothered to change it, i think is the standard 1gb sd card that comes with the hermod

Hi just came across this as I bought a squarp after reading your post. I play live and am on the latest firmware but noticed when switching projects it stays in sync and is almost instant but the audio drops out for a split second as if it’s loading for the next beat. When you say yours is instant is it like switching sequences where it does it without no audio drop out seamlessly or does it switch projects but the sound goes at the end of the bar and then the new one comes in? Thanks!

Yes, for me it gets worse the more projects you have on the sd card. I think I have 200+ projects and it takes a couple seconds to jump to another project. Totally useless in live situation unfortunately

Crazy I only have like 3 projects at the moment I mean it’s not a killer as the notes sustain so you can make it work or just drop out melodies and keep drums in whilst changing but definitely not ideal. Sd loading will never be as fast as using ram and considering how small midi files are ram would have been ideal.

Did you ever change your sd card btw for something faster? I assume the one that ships is the optimum one tested by squarp.

i never changed the sd card