Loading a project while Hermod is playing?

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I’m looking at buying a Hermod to be the brain of my modular aimed at live performance.
I’m still a bit unclear about something though, in the manual I found this:

Note that loading a project while Hermod is playing won’t reset the clock, the newly loaded project will be playing immediatly.

What is meant by “playing imediately”? I find the 8 sequences of a single project a bit limiting for longer sets and I’m wondering about changing project on the fly, can Hermod users shed some light on this for me please ?
How does it work when you load the next project while the first is playing, does it stay in sync ? Is the project loaded after the end of the sequence that is playing ? In my setup, Hermod would be slaved to my Octatrack which I could use to make smooth transitions and even repatch a few cables while essentially using the Octatrack as a looper, but I would need the Hermod to stay in sync while changing project on it, is that possible ?

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Going to reply to my own question since I found a way to test the Hermod in person (and consequently bought one), someone else may have the same question in the future:

The project load operation is done instantaneously and the Hermod stays in sync, whether its the main clock or slaved (tested with the 5 DIN MIDI port). The 8 sequences per project is therefore not really a limitation.

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i have about a hundred projects on the hermod and when entering the projects list to load a project the audio stops for about a second or two to load all the names i guess, then the audio continue playing and i can scroll through the list, then when i select a project to load it loads seamesly and stays in sync. maybe is just the sd card too slow but i never bothered to change it, i think is the standard 1gb sd card that comes with the hermod