Livemode not transmitting MIDI from pads for MPE


I recently received my Hapax and am finding that when in Livemode, the pads do not send notes when in MPE mode. I can set up an external controller (Roli Seaboard) and notes pass through as expected. I’m also unable to paste chords to steps when learn is on. Connected synth is ASM Hydrasynth Desktop (OS 2.0).

I have updated the Hapax to 1.13. The Hapax is connected to the Hydrasynth on Midi output A. Hydrasynth is in MPE mode Track 1, Hapax set to MPE mode and transmit on output A.

Changing the mode to poly on Hapax and disabling MPE on Hydrasynth works as expected. Is Livemode currently not supported for MPE?


This happens to me too (albeit my hydra is connected via USB). Spent quite a bit of time trying to troubleshoot but never figured out a fix. I also get hanging notes on occasion but that’s a separate story! :slight_smile:

Whats happening is that it is sending MIDI from the live notes grid, but not to MPE member channels. Its sending notes on MIDI channel 1, which in MPEs standard lower zone is the global/manager channel, not one of the MPE member channels that notes with expressive data are sent to.

Technically the formal MPE specification does say that devices may optionally send notes on that manager channel, and it is mandatory that synths etc respond to such messages. However in practice there are probably synths that are only expecting to receive notes on channels other than 1 when they are in MPE mode.


same problem here. pretty big problem. you think they would fix that in a hurry.

Playing the hydrasynth from the Hapax in MPE live mode is still an issue.
last time I discussed that with Squarp dev they said they would liaise with ASM for a solution. But obviuosly it is not something quickly fixable.

In the meantime, though it can record MPE, Hapax pads do not capture MPE info/mouvement.
So for me when I want to get the benefit of Poly AT with the Hydra I use the Hit the Hydra…

yes but i was really hoping to use chord mode. it was one of the features that pushed me to buy it. so you can imagine my disappointment when i learned it doesnt actually work. why cant they just assign a midi channel per note. isnt that how mpe is supposed to work? obviously alot of the mpe features wont work because of the limitations of the pads, but at least we would be able to play notes.

This particular issue is technically not on our end, however we will introduce a workaround in a future firmware release, which will reserve a channel for LIVE mode (e.g. Ch2).

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but isnt the hapax missing the most important part of mpe, 1 channel per note? as far as i remember mpe allows either 2-16 for notes or 2-8 and 9-15. leaving channel 1(or both 1 and 16) for messages other than pitch. which so happens to be the only channel hapax uses in mpe mode. unless im doing something wrong, which is probable considering im a hapax newbie.

One channel per expressive note.

Channel 1 is the preferred channel for non-expressive events.