Live setup with Pyramid Squarp & Erm MultiClock

Hello, I am new to the world of hardware synth , here is my setup:

Moog Mother 32 + Arturia Brute Impact + Roland SE 02 + Novation Circuit Mono Station + TR 08 Aira + Arturia MicroFreak + Novation Peak + Squarp + ERM MULTICLOCK

My goal is :
*Connect Novation Circuit Mono Station + TR 08 Aira + Arturia Brute Impact midi inputs to Channel 1 & 2 & 3 of erm multiclock.

*Connect erm multiclock midi input (as Slave) to pyramid Midi Out A
*Connect Moog Mother 32 + Roland SE 02 + Arturia Microfreak to pyramid Midi Out B

With this setup (ERM Slave & Pyramid Master) everything sync & work, i can play notes on squarp from Moog Mother 32 + Roland SE 02 + Arturia Microfreak by selecting each channel on squarp, but when i add Novation Peak after MicroFreak, then i can only play note from Novation Peak, others synths stop sending notes to squarp, this happen only when i add 4 synths connected to midi B output of squarp, 3 synths work perfectly.
(i cannot send Peak to Midi Out A because of ERM)

Thank you for your help!

Greetings and welcome to the Squarp forums.

I have been reading your post and I am confused as to what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps a drawing might be a better idea. I am sorry - I’m not terribly bright. :smile:

Off the top of my head, I would ask if you are aware of the differences between MIDI In, Out, & Thru and verify that each of these are being used in your situation correctly.

Or I’d suggest that you simplify your rig as a test: hook up each device separately and verify that it works with the Pyramid individually as you expect. Then slowly add each piece of gear and verify it still works as expected. Once it does not, then you have narrowed down where the problem might be…?

Apologies this isn’t a detailed response.

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