Live recording quantize?

Hi all,
Is it possible to have live recording automatically quantized? Pretty sure the answer is no, but asking just in case.

Every track have a “Quantize” plugin. If you activate it while live recording, the notes will playback quantized. You can then “consolidate” the track, should you need to get rid of the original live timing you recorded. Am I wrong?

Yeah, in general Pyramid effects are always applied live, but to record them you need to consolidate (or loopback record). I don’t recall quantize being special wrt this, but it’s been a while.

it works but i have the feeilng the utime altough i activate it is usally pretty off, so i always have to reset it. Is there a work around?

You’re right, and it is exactly what I do when I need to quantize live recording. It’s just that consolidate

  • stops playback, while with live recording you can drop in and out on the fly (this is the biggest issue IMO)
  • applies to all patterns when a track has more than one
  • “prints” all FX if you have something beside quantize
    Not a showstopper of course, but something that would have been nice to have (and it’s not some esoteric feature, plenty of sequencers have it).

Sorry man, I don’t quite get what you’re saying here ))

I meant you can put the quantize on, but it still sets than the utime so it is a bit off, its not quantizing to the 1/16 to 100% even if i put it to 100% it is never on the 1 its always a tiny bit delayed, which can add a nice groove but it can also suck.

Never noticed that the timing is off with quantize on. In any case, it’s good enough for me ))

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