Live recording: I'm puzzled

Hi, I’m trying record in Live mode from and external synth (Subsequent37 in local off mode, omni mode CH13) to a Pyramid track. I have an issue. I’m monitoring with MidiOx so I can see what I send to the Pyramid and what is restituted. My issue is that all notes are recorded with a next-to-nothing length.

MidiOx shows:
Sent TO the Pyramid: Note on----aftertouch messages-----note off
Recorded in Pyramid: Note on note off-----aftertouch messages.

I’m in local off mode so the midi does a roundtrip through Pyramid, and everything sounds right, so incoming midi is OK.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what is wrong here… any help will be highly appreciated!


Sounds similar to a situation I had. Look for a setting having to do with global track length. Make it longer than 1.

Hmmm, I looked through all the settings and couldn’t find anything like that. If I record in live mode with the pads, it’s OK. It’s the recording of the incoming midi that’s wrong, and it’s not the synth’s fault (because local off mode works fine) Some notes, every once in a while, are a bit longer than most others. Very strange. BTW quantize is off. No fx are engaged. I’m recording on a pattern (fwiw…)

I dont know if this relates to your issue but to further what I was talking about, go into misc settings and see if default length is set real short. Try setting to something like 64. That solved my problem.

It’s set to 4 bars. I tried with a new project to no avail. I’m running a fairly complex set up and am used to troubleshooting (and I read the manuals over and over again) but this one is a mystery. I has been a while since I tried live recording form an external keyboard, but I seem to remember it worked as expected (that’s what I got the Pyramid for in the first place, I’ve just been producing stuff that didn’t need the Pyramid that much until now)

Well well welll, this was a user error… I’m sorry, and thanks for the helping hand. It happened that the the Sub37 was at one point split over 2 paths and these merged on that Pyramid track, and Pyramid doesn’t like that: when two identical notes come in within such a small time window, it shuts them off with a note-off message and the result gets recorded …I guess its done on purpose. My bad!