Live mode with CC-dedicated track

I might have this wrong, but it seems like you can dedicate a track to be CC-modulation only. I was curious if the [live] mode still functions in this case? I combed through the manual and probably missed something critical.
Does anyone have experience with this? Maybe the keyboard notes generate CC values to be output?

there is no CC dedicated track mode on the pyramid.
(not quite sure where you got this idea from)

but of course you can just program/record CC on a track without notes if you want.
then, yes you will be able to play notes on the track in live mode (because its no different from any other track)
and no it won’t convert notes into CC …because its there is not CC mode for the tracks :wink:

of course, there is the NOTE to CC FX, that will convert notes to cc messages.
but remember (just like other tracks/fx) you are still recording notes, just the FX is translating into CC messages.
and being an FX it will apply to ALL notes coming thru on that track (live or recorded)

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So I do have it wrong.
I “got the idea” from holding the track knob (in step mode) and turning the encoder until it reads “CC modulation”. One of the options at the beginning clearly reads ‘note’ and although notes are involves in some of the others, they do not carry the same designation. Hopefully you can see how this could be confusing to a new user. As you’ve mentioned on this forum, the pyramid has idiosyncrasies that do not necessarily relate to other sequencers.

Regardless, thanks for clearing it up.


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