Live Mode recording Midi Controller

in Live Mode it´s possible to record “data” from scratch-
that´s cool, but I decided to rather ask before buying:

Will it also work with an Linnstrument / Haaken / Roli when playing say, 8 notes same time - with all the multidimensional data coming in?
If so, and the Pyramid picks everthing up - it would be a dream coming true.

thank you

it should work ok, except for looping - i.e. you need to do a fixed length recording.

basically, you just set the Pyramid to Multrack mode, then hit record.
(oh, and remember to change settings to accept channel pressure, as its defaulted to off)

the reason live looping will not work is that it only extends the track length on the current track.
(this is understandable really, as except for this use case, you would not want the pyramid to start overwriting every track)

one possibly issue, that might possibly happen for long recordings, is that the pyramid is limited to 9000 events (OS3), and MPE is generating a lot of events, as cc74, channel pressure and pitchbend are being sent continuously and at quite a fast rate - so with lots of notes being played, that’s going to add up!

that said, I cant say I’ve tried (ive got a couple of MPE controllers :wink: ) ,
the reason is once recorded, the editing etc, would become pretty laborious , as all the data is split over several tracks.

in fairness this is not an uncommon situation, its the same in Ableton… and even in things like Cubase/bitwig which support mpe - I still find myself preferring to record audio.

I guess one day I’ll try, but as I say, not really been a priority for me…

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thank you for your specific answer!
I technically understand those steady ongoing channel pressure information sent will be vast information at the end.
on the other hand MPE-controllers are state-of-the-art for a reason.
I thought of learning the Linnstrument.
Recording 4 “expressive” (MPE) trackloops á 20 seconds at least would have made me lucky.

I didn’t say they were wrong,…
I love my soundplane and eigenharps - Id never give them up :slight_smile:

but i just wanted to highlight it’ll use those 9000 events quickly…

(and also the amount of data generated, and on separate tracks will make it very uncomfortable to edit)

but hey, i’ll break out the soundplane, and see how the pyramid does!

btw: what sound generator are you going to use? the only hardware Ive got that understands MPE are my Organelles and Axolotis!

Hey technobear,
yeah- keep us informed how the Soundplane worked on the Pyramid!
btw… Im tending to a MicroMonsta, after looking for some fundamental basses at first. but I have an eye on the Organelle too…
seems to be a great piece of gear. Ever thought of the Zynthian?

Hey, U were the one making Orca? Wow… Yeah, I took a little look into the Organelles concept. Very interesting indeed. Congratulations to your work.