Live Mode Issue: Certain Pads also Trigger the Pad Next to It

Hey everyone.

I just received my new Hapax and I discovered a strange behavior as soon as I started testing it out (All I have right now is my Hapax MIDI out going into a Moog Mother-32 MIDI in.)

Any keypad played on either track 6 or track 7 will also trigger the other keypad. For example, if I play a C anywhere on track 7, then the Bb on track 6 is also triggered… If I play an F# on track 6, the G on track 7 is also triggered… and so on all the way top to bottom on tracks 6 and 7. I tested across all Hapax pattern tracks 1-16 on multiple instruments via MIDI Out A, B, and C. The simultaneous triggering of tracks 6 and 7 occurs in all cases.

Do you think there is a hardware defect here? I’ve opened a ticket with Squarp, but was curious if anyone here has experienced this.

Thanks for your help!

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I dont have this issue. I would check what you have set as track 6 midi input, turning it to off (–) i think, should make it only trigger when you have that track selected. It doesnt sound like a hardware fault, more a configuration thing, hopefully anyway.

Is anything connected via usb? or midi input from anything that could be feeding it back?

Update to the latest firmware if you haven’t already.

You can press 2nd and live to get a midi monitor, this should show you if its sending out what’s expected.

Good luck

The only thing that is connected right now is a Moog on the MIDI (A) out. It looks like the odd behavior happens regardless of what mode I’m in (not just Live mode).

Essentially, any pad pressed on the Track 6 column also triggers the corresponding Track 7 pad, and any pad pressed on the Track 7 column also triggers the corresponding Track 6 pad. The MIDI monitor confirms that pressing a single pad triggers 2 notes (for both tracks 6 and 7, top to bottom).

I’m wondering if something wasn’t seated correctly when the device was assembled and it’s causing the odd behavior.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see what Squarp Support thinks.

how hard are you pressing the buttons or are you hitting them like a playing surface?

I think I misunderstood the use of tracks in your post, you meant tracks as in the rows of pads for 6 & 7? If so my bad, I assumed it was a midi issue rather than pads triggering the neighbour pads. Sorry about that, I hope it gets resolved quickly for you.

squarp has been very accommodating to my issues which were similar. im confident this wont stay a problem for long.

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Maybe the rubber grid pad is not perfectly seated onto the contact switches. You could try and open the machine and reseat the grid pad.

dont void the warranty

I agree, you should first contact Squarp.

Just touching them. Not hard.

100%. I don’t plan on opening anything up.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. Either that or there’s something causing unintentional conductivity across the two columns of pads.