Live mode display and smart pads transposed

Hi team,
Can someone please advise on how to shift smart pads chords an octave down in relation to scale pads?
At the moment I am experiencing strange behaviour where all smart pads are playing chords that are an octave up from notes on the scale pads. This is visible when I press display in live mode, the middle octave shows when notes are played and the top octave when smart pads with chords are pressed. It happens on all tracks in this current project but not if I start a new one. I still can’t see what the difference in both projects is.
Every video on YouTube I can find explaining the Live mode does not touch on this feature. Manual doesn’t mention it either.
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I’m wondering how you have the Middle C setting worked out in your settings?
C3 is the “Roland Standard”
C4 is the 88 key “Yamaha Standard”
If the notes being played are off, then chances are the device you’re playing is asking for a different standard.

I use mostly modular, and various Roland, Korg and Elektron synths (vintage and new)
I set to the Roland standard, C3, and tune my modular accordingly.
So the notes on the Pyramid match what I’m hearing.

You may need to set yours based on the standard of your synths and controllers.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I was clear enough. I don’t have the issue with middle C. The issue, and only on this project, is that smart pads are transposed an octave up from note pads on pyramid. Every video I see shows how smart pads’ C starts with the same note as note pads, but my smart pads are an octave up. Any ideas?

yes, this can happen when you start moving back n forth thru major/minor tonality.
I think its a bug, in the way it cycles thru the scales, it goes up an octave (rather than reset back to the original octave) - ive had it both one and two octaves higher than the normal pads.

but you can revert it, by switch it back to the other tonality (major -> minor , or minor -> major) then switch scales, then switch back to the original… its a bit hard to explain, but if you mess with it a bit, you should be able to work it out.

if we sat down and worked out an exact sequence we could report it as a bug to squarp.
but honestly, its never affected me much, as I know how to get it back … and i usually use an external keyboard anyway :wink:

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Hey I know this was from a while ago but did this problem get worked out? Something strange happened to me today where I was switching around tonality and complexity. Then the pads that light up to show the chord just stopped working. When I flipped the display mode to show the notes on the DISP it looked like the chords were funky and not responding right.

Thought maybe it was a setting I disabled or something but I couldn’t find anything to change back and see the pads lighting up again. Finally just power cycled and it was back to normal after boot.

I’m running pyrOS 4.02

This sound anything like the bug/behavior you ran into? Thanks!