Live mode: Can I play pads like a monosynth? (2 notes held; release 2nd note to retrigger 1st)

Apologies for blanking on the synth word for this…

I’m using the Hapax to send note CV to the v/oct of a Eurorack oscillator, and I’m playing the pads by hand. By default, only the “latest pressed note” is being sent out through the cv port.

I am pressing and holding 1st pad, then pressing and holding 2nd pad (both held): The 1st note plays, then 2nd note plays. Now, in the default state of Hapax, holding these 2 pads together, then releasing the 2nd pad: the 2nd note continues to play even though only the 1st pad is held.

Is there an option whereby release of the 2nd pad while holding the 1st will retrigger the 1st note? For the life of me I can’t find an option for this in the manual or through fiddling.

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