Live Looper Mono mode?

Hello. I am wanting to use the live looper or overdubbing with the live function. Is there a way to make what is recorded replace what is there only when you add notes. Having the new notes replace the info that was on the step previusly. i can not figure out how to do it without making a polly sequence and the polly sequence messes it up. I saw this is a hard record mode but that erases everything.

similar to how the beatstep pro and the key step record. a record replace but only for the steps that are overdubbed and the rest is un affected.

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yeah, unfortunately it can’t be done on the pyramid. I hope that some sort of similar function is added in a future OS. It would really speed up the process of editing sequences in realtime, making it easier to morph sequences as they play back by selectively replacing parts. I’ve tried just syncing my keystep, but the problem is that the clock is fixed according to the settings in the pyramid, so all of the different subdivisions on the keystep can’t be accessed - better than nothing, I guess…

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thanks for the answer. yeah it would be a great addition.

I would really love to see the ability to set a track as a mono track with any live mode recording of notes copying over what is there only when you play. Would significantly improve my workflow with the pyramid. This wasn’t added with the new OS was it?

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bump i really really want this or else i’ll probably ditch the pyramid (sadly)

It’s amazing how rare this feature seems to be. I guess I was spoiled with Numerology software. And then the fact the keystep has it. Perhaps it’s not practicable when you don’t have auto quantization to a grid? I’d accept auto quantization to a grid for this feature as long as the setting was per track. Fingers crossed. It makes loop recording really difficult with mono synths. Anyone have a workaround besides manually punching in and out with overdub recording? Can you use a sustain pedal for punch in and out using overdub?

yeah, it would be great to have an option for this type of destructive sequencing. For getting ideas down and then changing notes on the fly, it’s such a great workflow. I keep the keystep around for that reason alone.

Many of us requested for a couple years some kind of “mono mode” for a track that would do this in both live and step modes. The Pyramid is definitely not the easiest sequencer for monophonic synths, which is what 90% of my MIDI destinations are. Can be kind of frustrating but I accept the flaw for all the other great things it does.

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