Live editing the Yamaha TX81z with sysex with Pyramid

Sorry if this is a dumb question. But I noticed the Pyramid can transmit sysex. Does this mean that I could assign the encoders (or even the touchpad) to mess around with the algorithms, etc, on the TX81z (or FB-01, etc). Seems to good to be true, as currently the only other option is to use an ipad app that is super glitchy or buy an expensive custom controller.

But if it was possible to edit parameters on the these old sysex synths with the pyramid, that would be amazing. I have a feeling it is only for loading saving sysex files, but thought I’d ask.

No, there is no sysex editing functionalities. The only option is passing it thru (midi to midi out)
There are some affordable controllers or even DIY stuff out there.

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Thought that may be the case. Thanks for the response! I’ll keep my eyes open. Cheapest thing I’ve seen besides the ipad apps, the Novation SL remote, which is discontinued and huge. I’ll keep researching to find a smaller cheap option…

there are many posts on sysex with the pyramid.
they perhaps will give you ideas

just first one, but there are a ton more :wink: