Live band with Pyramid

Here’s some videos of my band “nylenda” performing live.

Gear sequenced by Pyramid:
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Analogue solutions Telemark
Roland TR-8
Roland SP-404SX

Thanks for checking this out :slight_smile:


wow. nice!

is that a philcorda organ?!

so nice to see the pyramid in a live setting like this. especially like that last jam. great work on the synths!

Yes, you are correct it’s a Philicorda (GM 751) :slight_smile: We run it through a Maxon phaser and a delaypedal into an guitar amp (off stage in this setting) and sometimes with Fender Vibratone cab, if we have the logistics to do so.

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

All the best to you!